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three-one-g - How To Lose Friends And Irritate... | Book
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This version includes a flexi record of All Leather “We Eat Gauche Caviar.”

In his new book, How To Lose Friends and Irritate People, Justin Pearson reveals his misadventures with two DJ duos borrowing him as a frontman, lending some “punk” street cred to their music. Known for being part of bands like The Locust, All Leather, and Retox, as well as the owner of Three One G Records, Justin has paved the way for bizarre, abrasive and political music, while pushing the envelope of what is expected or what can be done in a band. The Bloody Beetroots and Designer Drugs approached him to sing on their albums, and what came out of those two experiences is both pathetic and hilarious. From being forced to lip sync at Australian festivals in front of thousands, to being lost in the woods somewhere in Pennsylvania at a music video shoot gone wrong, Justin questions not only the DJ’s motives, but his own as well. Embracing actual musical instrumentation instead of laptop playlists, Justin trudges through the murky waters of musical capitalism.

Praise for “How to Lose Friends and Irritate People”...

“This book is necessary in it’s urgence for Justin to write his very own personal truth, and us readers to read it and possibly learn, or at least meditate… Not to fall into the mirage of a world that looks golden but still smells like a carcass. Purity of purpose. No compromises. Forever.” – Asia Argento

“Justin Pearson is back with more tales from a life stranger than fiction. In this new work, Justin takes us along for a ride on his ill-fated Australian tour with the Bloody Beetroots in front of 15,000 sweaty/screaming bodies whose idea of anarchy comes more from American Apparel than Emma Goldman. In another story, after many hours of driving in a crowded van with a bunch of beer-drinking-beef jerky eating kids on the way to a video shoot that may or may not involve a live goat, we arrive to the location of the shoot: a remote forest somewhere in the state of Pennsylvania. JP tells each story like no one else could—mainly because no one else gets himself into quite the same kind of misadventures as he does.” – Jose Palafox

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