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the-bruisers - Up In Flames | Vinyl
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For first time since it was released in 1995, UP IN FLAMES by the Bruisers is now available on vinyl with a first pressing of 1,000 copies!

In a long tradition of fierce punk rock from New England, the Bruisers have remixed and remastered their 1995 LP for vinyl. Before Al joined the Dropkick Murphys, the Bruisers were a household name in New England punk rock circles. They fused hardcore, punk rock and rock and roll in a way that set the template for later Boston area bands. Up in Flames sounds better than ever and it’s now on the best format possible for such an essential record.

Europe is BLACK vinyl (limited to 300) exclusive!

Track Listing:


  1. All Messed Up
  2. Better Days
  3. Bad Lands
  4. Chrome
  5. Chase The Wind
  6. Hard Line


  1. Up In Flames
  2. Time Is Now
  3. Fourty Miles Of Bad Road
  4. The Way It Goes
  5. Gates Of Hell
  6. End Of The Line

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