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Product Description:

It’s only fitting that Old Lines live on the doorstep to the nation’s capital. The band’s vehement disdain for political and social corruption is the fuel that feeds the band’s molotov cocktail of hardcore, crust punk, doom and powerviolence. And on their latest effort, No Child Left Behind, Old Lines leave no stone unturned, from politicians to the environment, as they rip and shred their way through eleven tracks of pure frustration and aggression.

Track Listing:

  1. To Ashes
  2. Cold Teeth
  3. Traps
  4. Remote Controlled
  5. The Hunt(ed)
  6. Paint Them Gold
  7. All Locks Have Keys
  8. Kneelers
  9. The Quick Sale
  10. War Is Declared
  11. Plastic Coffins

Pressing Info:

First Pressing

20 Test Pressing (Black)

125 Coffee w/ Creamer (2014 Subscription) (Purchase)

375 White

500 Half Green / Half Black w/ Green Splatter

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