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Here you have it, another New Orleans’s classic: QUINTRON, “Are You Ready for an Organ Solo?� (The 7th full length release). What more could you ask for from this mysterious enigmatic artist QUINTRON brings it all together here with soulful organ solo’s, a little space echo and some bad ass electro scratching on a patented instrument of his own invention called The Drum Buddy. Let’s not forget Miss Pussycat who plays maracas, sings back up, and takes the lead on “Cave Formations�. This is by far the most cohesive and well recorded (c/o Tim Kerrs) barrage of Q and P dance music to date. Don’t ask us to compare, because QUINTRON is truly an entity of his own.

Track Listing:

  1. Place Unknown
  2. Mud Bugs (Diamond Rex)
  3. Teenage Antoinette (For Ms. K-Doe)
  4. Miniature Breakdown
  5. I’m Not Busy
  6. Cave Formation
  7. The Beach
  8. Underwater Dance Club
  9. Organ Solo

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