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  1. Concubine
  2. Fault and Fracture
  3. Distance and Meaning
  4. Hell to Pay
  5. Homewrecker
  6. The Broken Vow
  7. Bitter and Then Some
  8. Heaven in Her Arms
  9. Phoenix in Flight
  10. Phoenix in Flame
  11. Thaw
  12. Jane Doe

Originally released during the turbulent times in September 2001, “Jane Doe” was one of the darkest, bleakest, and most punishing acts of musical emoting ever committed to tape. “Jane Doe” took Converge’s musical aggression, creativity and penchant for artistic nihilism-as-therapy to unparalleled emotional depths. In the end, aggressive music would never be the same, as this 12-step conceptual journey of despair and loss, raised the bar musically and visually for the genre forever.

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