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The (International) Noise Conspiracy (Armed Love ) CD


  1. A Small Demand
  2. The Way I Feel About You
  3. Let’s Make History
  4. The Dream Is Over
  5. All In All
  6. Black Mask
  7. Communist Moon
  8. This Side Of Heaven
  9. Like A Landslide
  10. Armed Love

Armed Love, produced by Rick Rubin, is the band’s heaviest effort so far and their strongest record to date. Punk rock played like 70’s hard rock or the other way around, with lyrics straight from the heart and straight to the point. Never before has there been a band that combines well-written, catchy songs with such radical politics as T(I)NC; they unite passion and politics in a highly explosive mix of catchy songs, full volume, dancing, sexuality, fashion, street fighting, sweat and live shows that would make most bands reconsider their reason for playing music.

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