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  • Color: Green/Red
  • Knit
  • Gender: Male
  • Fabric Content: 100% Polyacryl
  • The displayed image may vary slightly from the actual product.

It’s that time of year again and the 2019 limited-edition Holiday Sweater is here. This year’s sweater is fully knitted, it’s thick and warm and perfect for all holiday occasions. This year’s version is NOT a jacquard knit like past years, but it’s just as heavy and just as warm.

MEASUREMENTS - they‘re cut to fit SLIGHTLY bigger than a normal sweatshirt. Please allow a 1” variation from what’s listed here due to normal production allowances.

This year’s sweater is available in three different colors: blue, green, and grey.


Chest Width (pit to pit) – 21” ca. 53.5cm

Torso Length – 24” ca. 61cm

Sleeve Length – 25” ca. 63.5cm


Chest Width (pit to pit) – 22” ca. 56cm

Torso Length – 24” ca. 61cm

Sleeve Length – 26” ca. 66cm


Chest Width (pit to pit) – 24” ca. 61cm

Torso Length – 25” ca. 63.5cm

Sleeve Length – 27” ca. 68.5cm


Chest Width (pit to pit) – 26” ca. 66cm

Torso Length – 25.5” ca. 64.5cm

Sleeve Length – 28.5” ca. 72.5cm


Chest Width (pip to pit) – 27” ca. 68.5cm

Torso Length – 26.5” ca. 67,5cm

Sleeve Length – 29” ca. 73.5cm

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