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  • This color is limited to 500 pcs worldwide.
  • The displayed image may vary slightly from the actual vinyl.

Track Listing:

Side A

  1. Paralyzed
  2. From Shapeless to Breakable
  3. Moving Forward
  4. War Ensemble (Slayer cover)
  5. Hellion (Judas Priest cover)
  6. Electric Eye (Judas Priest cover)
  7. Coffee Mug (Descendents cover)

Side B

  1. Beneath the Encasing (re-recorded)
  2. The Blinding of False Light (Innerpartysystem remix)
  3. Wrath Upon Ourselves (Benjamin Weinman remix)
  4. Confined (Kelly “Carnage” Cairns remix)
  5. Elegy (Big Chocolate remix)

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