SKRWD | Tri Color Vinyl


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no-sleep-records - SKRWD | Tri Color Vinyl
12" (€12.90)

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  1. South Drive
  2. Fair Weather
  3. Graveyard Shift
  4. Brainsick
  5. Ain’t Great
  6. Devils N’ Demons

Pressing Info:

First Pressing

20 Test Pressings (Black)

100 Coke Bottle Swirl (2015 Subscription)

300 Tri-Color w/ Black, White, Trans. Red

600 Cloudy Clear w/ Black and Red Splatter

Product Description:

Wstr’s debut EP, SKRWD, was produced and recorded by Seb Barlow at Celestial Recordings (Neck Deep, Homebound, ROAM), and is a full force introduction to the band’s keen ear for instantly familiar hooks and head bobbing grooves, showcasing more savvy and swagger than many bands with ten times their experience.

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