Nailbiter | Bone White Vinyl


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no-sleep-records - Nailbiter | Bone White Vinyl
12" (€14.50)

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Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Cotton Tongue
  3. Onwawd
  4. Strive
  5. Linear Lies
  6. Output
  7. Eat
  8. New Eyes
  9. Brother
  10. Impermanence
  11. Nailbiter

Pressing Info

First Pressing

20 Test Pressings (Black)

100 Coke Bottle Swirl (2015 Subscription)

300 Bone White

500 Transparent Green w/ Blue Haze

Product Description

Springfield, IL indie-rock newcomers Looming have signed with No Sleep Records and will release their debut full-length record, Nailbiter, on August 14th.

Formed in 2013 in Springfield, Looming’s members Jessica Knight (bass/vocals), Brandon Carnes (drums/vocals), Jordan Fein (guitar/vocals) and Mitch Baker (guitar) came together over a shared common vision and passion for songwriting. After years performing in various local bands (Mother Leopard, Lovecow, Our Lady, Big Storm) the group fell into a natural groove with one another and became known for their unique emo-pop that’s led by the inimitable vocal stylings of Knight that pair perfectly with the band’s bright, airy sound.

Sonically, Nailbiter keeps listeners on their toes with complex, yet inviting songs that weave in and out of indie-rock sub-genres for a truly eclectic experience.

“Our goal with this album has been to make something that is dynamic and exciting the whole way through,” drummer Brandon Carnes adds. “Musically, we draw from a lot of different pools of influence and I think you can hear it when you listen to Nailbiter front to back. Lyrically, the songs are super personal. We wanted this album to be an honest reflection of the real-life situations that inspired all the songs.”

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