Forget I Brought It Up | CD


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no-sleep-records - Forget I Brought It Up | CD
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After years performing shows and a string of EP’s, Still At Home Here (2013), Sleepless (2012) and Outgrowing Hope (2011), Gordon is finally ready to unveil his first album, Forget I Brought It Up. While mostly known for his acoustic performances, the singer-songwriter picked up the electric for his latest effort and drew upon a wealth of talent he’d acquired over the years; ultimately creating a record that transcends genres and time with brilliantly crafted songs and thoughtful lyrics that would fit well alongside his heroes (Superchunk, The Pixies, Dinosaur Jr. and My Bloody Valentine).

Track Listing:

  1. Barstools and Haircuts
  2. Learned Helplessness
  3. Count Me Out
  4. Indianapolis 2008
  5. On the Subject of Serotonin
  6. Hardened Regards
  7. Like Atlas
  8. Revelation Summer
  9. Target
  10. Kerouac Ending
  11. Apologies

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