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no-sleep-records - Drew Thomson | Army Green 7 Inch
Army Green 7 Inch (€6.50)

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Between quitting and then re-joining his revered punk band Single Mothers – Drew Thomson moved to a small town called Swastika in Northern Ontario to be a Gold Prospector. Without a band, and with many long days and nights camping alone, there was plenty of time to sit around – strum a guitar and write songs.

In 2013 he released a small batch of acoustic songs called Honesty is a Confidence Problem via Jeremy Bolm’s label Secret Voice and began playing solo shows. Thomson ended up leaving gold prospecting to re-join his band Single Mothers, but a lot of those nights stayed with him, strumming a guitar – writing songs. These are some of those songs.

“This EP is my second of what I hope will be many over the next few years, moving in one direction or another – and I couldn’t be happier working with the labels I’ve been lucky enough to release with so far,” Thomson adds. “This new step with No Sleep is really exciting, and I’ll have my first LP out with them later this year.”

Track Listing:

  1. Saturday Night/Sunday Morning
  2. Oxy

Pressing Info

First Pressing

20 Test Pressing (Black)

125 Coffee w/ Creamer (2014 Subscription) (Purchase)

400 Transparent Army Green

600 Color In Color w/ Mustard Yellow and Black

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