The Light Under Closed Doors | CD


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no-sleep-records - The Light Under Closed Doors | CD
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Track Listing:

  1. Should
  2. Big Hearts
  3. Got Social
  4. High/Low
  5. Great Lakes State
  6. Becoming Self-Aware
  7. Friends Again (We Can’t Be)
  8. Designated Driver
  9. Favorite Tune
  10. Call It A Night

The Swellers return reinvigorated on their No Sleep Records debut, which is packed with highly memorable tracks like “Should,” “Becoming Self-Aware,” “High/Low” and “Big Hearts,” that speak directly to fans with an open heart about growing up, learning from your mistakes and moving forward, something the band has a lot of experience with lately.

Produced by The Swellers and recorded by Marc Hudson (Saves the Day, Taking Back Sunday) at Rancho Recordo in Fenton, MI and with Mark Michalik (Into It. Over It., Fireworks) in Chicago, IL, The Light Under Closed Doors is a raw collection of ten punk rock sing-alongs that are filled with driving rhythm and infectious choruses. The band’s follow-up to 2012’s EP, Running Out Of Places To Go, strips the band down to their core with a sound that’s pure and honest.

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