The Coldest Heart | Black Vinyl


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mad-drunken-monkey-records - The Coldest Heart | Black Vinyl
12" (€7.90)

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Limited: 300 black vinyl

Soloproject by SEWER RATS frontman! On his debut album “THE COLDEST HEARTFOX RIVER presents the finest in ROOTS MUSIC! 11 hits ranging from Singer-Songwriter, Country, Rockabilly to Folk.

Track Listing:

  1. The City Knows
  2. The Coldest Heart
  3. The Best Day Of My Life
  4. A Terrible Fall
  5. The Last Thing I Want
  6. Fox River Boogie
  7. Passing Through
  8. I Wrote You A Song
  9. Caroline
  10. I Saw The Light
  11. Thinking Of You

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