Maximum Suffering | White Vinyl


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hydra-head-records - Maximum Suffering | White Vinyl
12" (€22.90)

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Fully damaged crust illness from the dank recess of Vancouver’s rat infested alleys. Moldy guitars and a cantankerous rhythm section set the backdrop for truly sickening sermonizing from BC’s most handsome sociopath. Features 3/4 of Baptists, 1/3 of SUMAC and some other persons of disreputable character.

Produced by Erosion and Kurt Ballou. Mastered by James Plotkin. Cut for vinyl by Telegraph Mastering. Artwork by Grady Gordon.

Track Listing:

  1. Maximum Suffering
  2. Everything Is Fucked
  3. Need For Death
  4. Human Error
  5. Serpent Lust
  6. The Crone
  7. Deep In Hell
  8. We Have Failed Us
  9. Scorched Earth
  10. Black Waves
  11. Storm Of Steel
  12. Dusted
  13. Consumed

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