The Stories Are True | CD


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hellcat-records - The Stories Are True | CD
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  1. Junkies
  2. Say Again
  3. Broken Bodies
  4. The Stories Are True f. Tim Armstrong
  5. Cold Concrete
  6. Lost In Hollywood
  7. Fallen Nation
  8. Kenny
  9. Criminals
  10. Life On The Run
  11. Fountain & Formosa
  12. Deadly Nights
  13. Streetwalker

An album with a title fitting of it’s content: Truly inspired songs, with lyrics inspired by true events. From nights spent in jail, to days spent living on the street. “The Stories Are True” is an album that grabs you and won’t let go. Time Again rips through through 13 exciting and thought provoking tracks pushing the limits of punk today. While the album also plants a flag firmly in the territory of 80’s punk, Time Again’s versatility still manages to shine through. Turning their instantly catchy melodies, and their heart racing instrumentation into an infectious and classic debut.

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